About us

Passionate about helping people through tech

Founder's story

Why The founders got involved

Neurological diseases are in our families, so it was a heart decision in combination with our background that gave us the skills to found ZenzeTech. It is when meeting the patients that it all makes sense to us. They are like our second family, you always feel welcome, and it is a heart-warming experience. Ultimately, to improve their quality of life would make us very happy and proud

Christian and Magdalena will be back shortly in a video, talking about purpose, values and culture – stay tuned!

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Christian Haahr

Co-founder, CEO

Finance, Strategy, Commercialization, Board of directors. Nationality: Danish

Magdalena Paul

Co-founder, COO

Regulatory affairs, Quality assurance and People. Nationality: Danish / German

Jakob Madsen


Product development, Production and IP. Nationality: Danish

Naomi Hulst

Data Scientist

Data science. Nationality: Dutch

Michele Rocca

Data Scientist

Ph.D. Student, Data science. Nationality: Italian

Anna Rifé Mata

Data Scientist

Student Assistant, Data science. Nationality: Spanish

Board of directors

Martin R. Bonnén

Chairman of board

+20 years of experience in marketing and sales of digital healthtech. Former CEO of multiple private medical clinics

Erik Gormsen

Board member and Investor

Former Director at Novo Nordisk and Vice President of R&D in Novozymes


Mission & Vision

the vision

a future where neurological diseases are better understood, diagnosed and treated

ZenzeTech envision a future where data and AI play a natural part of clinical decision making as a partner to caregivers and patients. We strive to provide a common understanding, enabling earlier diagnostics and personalised treatment

the mission

Helping people with neurological diseases to a better quality of life

Through development of novel technologies combined into non-invasive solutions that are easy to use and developed in collaboration with stakeholders in healthcare to create value for patients, caregivers, and society


We work to


We are driven by helping patients and define our success by the value we create for them


We encourage new ideas with no compromise on quality to ensure safety in our products


We aim to lead the digital treatment of neurological diseases with state-of-the-art products


We encourage personal growth and help each other in doing so to strive for excellence in our team


We value the mental and physical health of our employees to create a great work-environment

Company timeline

Mar 2020
SDG 3 Grant

Receiving a grant from Tuborgfondet and The Fund For Entrepreneurship for addressing SDG 3. The grant was used to build the first prototype

Sep 2020
Founding ZenzeTech

We founded the company in September 2020 and got a flying start with the first angel investment and two grants from The Danish Innovation Fund

Dec 2020
Accelerator DTC

+120 companies applied for the accelerator 'Danish Tech Challenge', 20 were selected and in the end, ZenzeTech ended up as finalist in the program among five others after thorough due diligence in 12 disciplines and two investor pitches

Sep 2021

After participating in 'SundVækst', a program designed to help SME's to sell products to the public sector in Denmark, e.g. hospitals, the program financed a Freedom to Operate analysis and GDPR compliance process

Dec 2021

After pitching in Paris, ZenzeTech was chosen as one of 10 Life Science and Medtech startups in Europe to participate in 'Neighborhood' 2022, a one-year regulatory development program

May 2022
2nd Angel Investment

ZenzeTech secures financing from business angels with MedTech and Life Science experience to help with advice and further development. 

Further finance was secured from The Danish Innovation Fund

Dec 2022
Impact Grant

ZenzeTech was awarded with a grant from Sportgoodsfonden for being one of three of the most promising startups in DTU Science Park with a scalable product and big potential to create an impact on patients worldwide



Thomas R. Lund MedTech Investor

The idea of an insole providing data is good, it is a simple solution for the patient and neurologist to understand. ZenzeTech is addressing a big problem and therefor a big market.

Trine Hørmann Thomsen Post.doc, Movement Disorder Clinic, Rigshospitalet

The insoles can be a tremendous help since we get continuous patient data, which a clinician can use for making medical decisions […] It is all about constantly regulating the balance of the medical treatment, which has huge effect on this patient group […] I think this makes perfect sense and I cannot see how we can do without it.

Helle Monrad-Gylling DeepTech and Impact Investor

It is very important for me to trust the team. Christian and Magdalena possess a high degree of credibility, are transparent and honest which creates trust while they have the competencies to succeed.

Jesper Kihl Life Science Investor

Two key elements came into play when I invested in ZenzeTech – team and technology trends. I was impressed by the team behind ZenzeTech, they appeared trustworthy, calm, and composed with a good vision.

Merete Karlsborg Head Neurologist, Bispebjerg Hospital

I think it is a very good idea since it is exactly gait that you are measuring […] the hospital is an artificial environment, but we would like a picture of how it is going at home.